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Contacting celebrities, athletes, and public figures like influencers and politicians can be more than just fun. It’s often done to explore business opportunities, request support for charitable causes, or even request autographs through the mail!

If you would like to send an email, message, or letter to Taylor Swift, you can use the following contact information to reach them.

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Taylor Swift
13 Management
718 Thompson Lane
Suite 108256
Nashville, TN 37204-3600
Phone: (615) 590-4050
Republic Records
2220 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift at event for American Music Awards 2018
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SingerTaylor Swift: Bad Blood (2015)
The Lorax (2012)

How to Send Fan Mail to Taylor Swift

Sending fan mail is as simple as writing a letter or message and sending it in the mail or via email or DM. If you liked to send a letter by mail, the easiest way to get started is by downloading the fan mail template below. However, make sure you customize it to match how you feel about the individual you’re writing to.

You always want to ensure that you are being genuine, so any template should just be used as inspiration or a tool to get you started. Expressing yourself can be hard, and it may be a roadblock for some. The fan mail hobby is something that everyone should be able to enjoy so don’t let writer’s block stop you. For extra help with expressing yourself, try having an AI writer assist you with generating a letter!

Request an Autograph from Taylor Swift

Sending fan mail and requesting autographs through the mail (TTM) is a simple process. The easiest way to get started is by using this simple fan mail template. If you’re having trouble expressing yourself, you can also generate a letter with AI! Then follow these steps to send your letter or message.

How to Send Fan Mail & Request an Autograph

Find a Fan Mail Address
There are many resources for fan mail addresses on the internet. and are leading authorities in this space 

Look for an address for someone whose work has had a big impact on you and start there!

Personalize your message
Start with a personal message. DON'T BE AFRAID TO EXPRESS YOURSELF! The more genuine and authentic the message, the higher your odds of getting a response are.

Gather Your Supplies
The most basic fan mail only requires an envelope, letter, and stamp. If you want a reply, make sure to include a return envelope and additional postage to make it easy for the recipient to reply to you! (click for a curated list of supplies).

Address Your Envelope

The return address (your address) should always go in the upper left corner or even on the back of the envelope. The destination address should be front and center with your postage stamps going in the upper right corner.

Include a Return Envelope
Including a self addressed stamped return envelope will increase the odds of getting a response. This envelope will go inside your other envelope and should only contain your address, so it doesn't get accidently returned to the sender. Also include a photo or card to get signed with your fan letter!

Her 2008 album "Fearless" marked her crossover into the mainstream, and its lead single "Love Story" became one of the best-selling country singles of all time. The album was the top-selling album of 2009, and earned Taylor several awards and accolades, including the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video, and the Entertainer of the Year award from the Country Music Association. Her 2010 album "Speak Now" was another commercial success, and was followed by numerous world tours and further albums, including "Red" (2012), "1989" (2014), "Reputation" (2017), and "Lover" (2019).

Throughout her career, Taylor has been known for her confessional songwriting, which often draws from her personal experiences and relationships, and has earned her critical acclaim and a huge fanbase. In addition to her musical achievements, Taylor is also known for her philanthropy, political activism, and involvement in various causes, including education, disaster relief, and gender equality. With over 50 million albums sold, Taylor Swift is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, and continues to inspire and influence countless musicians and fans around the world.